You have hairy legs? That's fucking disgusting.


holy shit babies are learning how to operate computers faster than i thought


In Japan families can summon their house ghost to kill pests for them.


My sister texted my dad yesterday asking to go to the mall and he said “i guess so” but today he took it back so she printed the text and this was the result


i cant believe ive been on this website long enough to see the rise and fall of both missing e and xkit


a boy and a girl are sitting together on a bench after a romantic date. “can i kiss you?” the boy says. the girl nods and the boy pulls out black and white face paint and starts putting it on her face. “you’re going to be gene simmons” he whispers.


Animated Streetart GIFs by A. L. Crego

Artist tumblr | Facebook | on Giphy

Fantastic project by the Spanish photographer and motion designer AL Crego , the variety Street artwork and murals, which run everywhere so his path, photographed and later created from animated GIFs. On his tumblr blog there is also another, very interesting things to discover, I’ve subscribed to the just. The best GIFs we have down here for you:

“An ongoing project for Spanish photographer and motion designer, AL Crego is taking various works of street art to animating them into some great GIFs.”


Paper Airplane Machine Gun


when you past a mirror at a party and your trashed


Have you ever built a deck and you’re so proud of it and you just shuffle it all the time and lay it out just to look at it even though it doesn’t need to be edited at all and you just look at it and you’re like


Post-run corgi puddle